Magdalena Kelz


received her first violoncello lessons at the Music School Hartberg with Mag. Inge Pfandner. In 1996 she changed to the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz/Institut Oberschützen to Prof. Hildgund Posch, where she passed the first diploma concert subject in 2001 and the first diploma IGP violoncello in 2002. In 2003/04 followed an Erasmus – study stay in Stuttgart, after which she continued her studies in Oberschützen with Prof. Tobias Stosiek and graduated in 2004 with the Magister artium. Scientific curiosity led her to work on a dissertation as part of her postgraduate studies in March 2007. In order not to neglect playing practice in the process, she decided in October 2009 to study baroque cello at the Vienna Conservatory with Mag. Jörg Zwicker and since March 2012 also viola da gamba with Pierre Pitzl. She has focused on chamber music, which led to the foundation of the ensemble Zeitgeist in 2013 (Int. HIF Bieber Competition, Resonanzen Vienna, Innsbrucker Festwochen) and the opia kollektiv, as well as joining the ensemble Cicchetti Musicali in 2019. In addition, she frequently participates in renowned early music ensembles (Concentus) musicus Wien, Privat Musicke,…). Since June 2006 Magdalena Kelz teaches at the music school Pöllau – Vorau – Joglland and since December 2019 in the middle school Pöllau.